How to Choose a Dressing Table

Dressing table is a very important detail in the interior of the bedroom,  furniture  simply indispensable for women. Dressing table invented in XVIII century in England. Dressing table in the bedroom than the functional purpose and is intended to adorn the room. There are three types of Dressing table: Dressing table without a mirror (mirror you can buy separately), Dressing table with mirror, Dressing table with three mirrors (mirrors position you can adjust). When selecting Dressing table should pay attention to several features.

1. Very important look of dressing table, from this parameter stretch almost all buyers. When choosing a dressing table should not rely only on your taste, but also the design and colors of the room where you want to place it.

2. The size of the dressing table plays a very important role. If you need to buy separately, should determine the size. It should fit harmoniously into the interior and doesn’t  look greater in terms of the other furniture. Moreover, you should pay attention to the location of the mirror. Best is rotating mirror, it allows you to see all sides.

3.Before you buy a dressing table should see how much cosmetics you have and how much drawers should be on dressing table.

4. When setting the dressing table pay attention to light, it is very important, if not well lit ,you can buy additional lamps. To the table you can set a great mirror, that will expand the space and will serve as an additional mirror where you can see completely. Usually the dressing table in the kit comes chair or stool. You should buy a chair if you spend much time on dressing table.bedroom-dressing-tableimage by to choose a dressing tableimage by by to choose a dressing table image by dressing tablBeautiful-Dressing-Table-with-Large-Mirrorimage by chic dressing table shabby-chic-pink-dressing-table-stool-set-sophie-pink-sold-out-image by by by by by by by chic dressing table 1image by dressing table with lihghtimage by