All the Hot Bathroom trends from Milano 2016

2016 Salon del Mobile is where everyone who’s anyone in the international furniture design and manufacturing scene come together. We’ve compiled a list of the hottest trends seen at this year’s exhibitions for some bathroom renovation inspiration!


Hot Bathroom 1

Bathroom products are the most essential of all since they provide the tools to cleanliness we all need. With this in mind, Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola developed the bathtub, Cuna. The shape of the vessel was thermoformed using Solid-surface, a water-resistant material composed of marble dust, bauxite, acrylic, epoxy or polyester resins and pigments. The tub’s compact and rounded shape is accentuated by a tubular, steel frame.


Hot Bathroom 2

Another stylish crowd favorite was Sebastian Herkner‘s brand-new, oval-formed collection, Plateau. Sitting on the brim of each sink, bathtub and mirror is a slim tray, which the designer calls a “sidetracking plateau.” The collection was fabricated with a non-toxic Livingtec material.


Hot Bathroom 3

Rexa’s new collection, Hammam, designed by Monica Graffeo provides a certain gentle ambience reminiscent of time’s past. The collection is crafted with a material composed of clay with Corian or marble. These brand-new washbasins pitch a soft and peaceful wholeness, inspired by a Japanese concept symbolizing the bathroom as a space of self-care.


Hot Bathroom 4

Alongside practicality and meaning, bathroom design materials also take inspiration from old design trends. The recent collection Isole, designed by Marco Piva for Lithea, represent forms taken from the Sicilian, Baroque era. Gleaning inspiration from the beauty of the Mediterannean landscape, the basins and washstands are made of stone with attachments made of iron.

Diametro35 and HAPTIC

Hot Bathroom 5

Certainly a bold move, Ritmonio‘s 2016 release of two new faucet handles made of concrete: a new version of Inox Diametro35 and HAPTIC, each with a concrete top. Designed by Ritmonio DesignLAB, the handles are available for basins, bidets, showers and bathtubs. Haptic offers a choice of chrome or nickel finishings, or a concrete handle without lever. Diametro35 Concrete combines stainless steel with concrete handles.

WaterDream Project

Hot Bathroom 6

Last but certainly not least, Axor design studio presented their WaterDream Project that has been ongoing for 20 years now.

The venture invites designers to reconsider the function of a spout. Watersteps by the Swedish duo Front, and The Sea and the Shore by Werner Aisslinger exceeded the ordinary. Our favorite is Watersteps that portrays the acoustic quality of water, with two metal spouts in the form of inverted cymbals. The Sea and the Shore illustrates it’s title with a clay shelf holding greenery that acts as a shore aside it’s water-spout.

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