Halloween Decorations


On the last night of October is celebrated world’s magical and mystical holiday Halloween. Originally, Halloween is celebrated only in England and Northern Ireland and then spread to America and across East Europe. Many of us are wondering how to decorate the home for the holiday? For traditional Halloween decorations are considered: pumpkins, lanterns, skeletons, ghosts, witches, spiders, bats, brooms, black cats, stupas, mummies etc. Based on the above list you should prepare the decorations for Halloween. A basic attribute for Halloween is the pumpkin, pumpkin can be set up on the window in the home or elsewhere, you can paint on the pumpkin, or you can make lamps from pumpkin. Traditional colors for Halloween are black and orange. How will you decorate the house for Halloween with your hands depends of the tools you have and your imagination. See our ideas for Halloween decorations.

halloween-decorations outdoor

Decorate pumpkin.
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Lamps from bottles in the yard.


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Lamps on the wall, Halloween decorations.


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Decorate lamps with a mesh of spider.


Make a curtain of balloons (decorate balloons with Halloween decorations)

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You can use grains of coffee and pumpkin for Halloween decorations.


Decorate the wall with spiders and black birds.

Bowls on the wall with Halloween decorations.




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Flashlight of pumpkin.

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Decorate the table with Halloween decorations.


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Diy outdoor hellowen decorations.
outdoor_great_diy_halloween decorations modernmagazin
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Happy Halloween mantle decor


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