Hair Extensions


The hair is one of the main symbol of women’s beauty. The fashion changes, comes and leaves. No difference how many extravagant and trendy hairstyles there are, the long hair will always be the pride of every woman. But, not all women can wait for their hair to grow. Hair extensions are great possibility to get the wanted length of the hair and in meanwhile the woman will become more glamorous. But before you decide to extend your hair, you should know that you need to find a person that is professional for hair extensions, and the hair that you will get as an extension needs to be with high quality. There are several methods for hair extensions. One of the safest methods is the CRE CAP, in this method it is not used glue, keratin, or resin. This method is the heir of the method Bellargo which is patented in 15 states and has ECO_TEST. There are lots of ways for hair extensions which are divided on hot and cold way for hair extensions. before_after hair extensionsimage by extensionsimage by extensions image by extensionsimage by extensions image by by by hairimage by hair extensionsimage by by 1image by in hair extensionsimage by conrad ombre hairimage by by