Gross Beauty Things Every Woman is Guilty Of

Let’s face it, we’ve all been guilty of one of these things at least once in our lives!

Popping pimples, even though you know it’s wrong.



Gross Beauty 1

How many times have you found yourself standing in front of the bathroom mirror for hours going pimple to pimple, squeezing them to the point you see the gross puss gush out. We all know it’s wrong and it will only leave a festering wound on our face, but sometimes we just can’t stop.

Not washing your makeup brushes enough because meh.

Gross Beauty 2

We don’t clean our makeup brushes nearly as often as we should and then we wonder why we’re suddenly breaking out? Clean your brushes ladies!

Not throwing out your mascara for years because there’s still some in there.

Gross Beauty 3

Apparently we’re supposed to throw out mascara every three months so we don’t risk an eye infection. Um, not gonna happen! This was $20. I do not have “$20 every three months” mascara money!

Using your finger and saliva to fix your eyeliner like you have no other options.

Gross Beauty 4

Of course you have Q-tips stashed away somewhere, but actually going to go and get one and wet it in the sink so we can properly fix our eyeliner like a grown-up just never happens. No, because that would add extra seconds to our packed morning schedule.

Removing what’s left of your chipped manicure by picking off the nail polish yourself.

Gross Beauty 5

Runs for Cookies

Because you don’t have nail polish remover right here at this very moment and it’s already chipped anyway.




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