Genius DIY Projects You’ll Be Mad You Didn’t Think of Sooner

Tote Your Wine Glasses With Ease

DIY Projects 1

Down Home Inspiration

Don’t you just hate making two trips to bring all of your glasses (plus a bottle of chardonnay!) outside for guests? This block of wood features nooks for glasses and lets you utilize the wine bottle handle to carry it all at one time.

Make a Crafting Table Out of a Cabinet

DIY Projects 2


Surprise! The lid on this desk used to be the door of a cabinet. Now it’s a fun chalkboard surface with feet that lift the desk off of the floor just enough for little ones to slip their legs under.

Transform a Suitcase Into a Table

DIY Projects 3

Lara Robby/Studio D

Old, hard-sided suitcases are full of character, which is why they create the ultimate storage table. If you add legs you can stuff linens inside, then sit odds and ends like books or your cup of coffee on top the rest of the time.

Turn an Old Book Into a Jewelry Holder

DIY Projects 4

Sincerely Kinsey

Here’s a stylish hidden storage trick. After you’ve finished reading a hard cover book, cut out the inside pages, leaving about an inch of paper around the edges. Now you’ve got a little hidden storage space to stash all your jewelry.

Make a Hanging Garden with a Closet Organizer

DIY Projects 5


Got an extra closet organizer laying around? Instead of stuffing your shoe organizer full of shoes, swap them out for soil and chic plants! It looks great and is also a good way to keep your favorite herbs and vegetables out of the way from animals looking for a snack.

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