Food Capitals You Need To See Around The World

Travel and Food are one of those exciting things that can bring joy to everyone’s face. Today’s world has a lot of beautiful cuisines to offer, and all you need to do is stretch out a bit and grab them. Few places around the world are popular for the food they deliver to their consumers and below is a list of such places you can visit.

USA- New York

This place can offer you any type of cuisine you want as it is home to thousands of people from different backgrounds. In the streets of this city, you can get hot dog and fresh bagels in the morning. You’ll also get to enjoy a great morning coffee in Starbucks. New York also offers some great delicious Chinese take-out, and they are not very expensive. If you want something that’s spicier, then you should go for Indian cuisine as this will surely be a blast for your taste buds.

Spain- Barcelona

Everything in Spain is related to exotic. And this principle likewise applies to food. Spain offers exotic foods that will refresh your taste buds. For every food lover, Barcelona is the perfect place to visit. The city offers a wide variety of cuisines. You can as well try the seafood in Barcelona if you want a true experience. One of the best food to try when you travel to Barcelona is the Paella which is a rice dish combined with sea food.

France – Paris

The French are known all over the world for their mouth-watering delicacies such as the pastries and the fine buttered croissants. Also, Paris is blessed with a beautiful environment and the finely cultured sophistication to give you the overwhelming experience of the French Cuisine. Their view is breathtaking; the foods are mouth-watering, with reasonable prices. Another great thing about Paris is that no matter where you go, whether it’s a street vendor, roadside cafe or even a 5-star restaurant, the food will be amazing everywhere.

Australia – Sydney

Australia may be found at the end of the world, but its food delicacies are famous all over the world. In Australia, you’ll be given things like truffles egg and snow eggs pasta that will leave you wanting more. You can also get some amazing Japanese stones here, even when Japan is far away.