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Today’s article I dedicate to several known famous architects in the world. These famous architects have projected buildings on which we all admire.

Richard Rogers Baron-Rogers of Riverside-the British famous architect, one of the founders of high-tech style in the architecture. The winner of the Royal (2000) and the Pritzker Architecture Prize, 2007 award. Richard Rogers is famous not only by his architectural projects, but also some kind of architectural philosophy, that emphasizes with its thesis of social responsibility of the architect. Famous buildings from this famous architect are: Centre Pompidou, Paris, France, 1971-1977, Thames Valley University, Slough, England, UK, 1993-1996. Millennium Experience, London, England, UK, 1996-1999. The leadenhall Building, London, England, UK (project business building), 2002-2011.centre pompidou paris-Richard Rogers famous architectimage by http://vaprendretadouche.wordpress.com/centre pompidou paris-Richard Rogers famous architect 1image by http://jaumeprat.com/Millennium_Dome_famous architectsimage by http://www.travelalltogether.com/Richard Rogers -Millennium Experience, London, England famous architectsimage by http://www.solvencyiinews.com/Lloyds of London image by http://www.businessinsider.com.au/world trade center famous architectimage by http://coisitasmais.wordpress.com/

 Daniel Libeskind was the first that created the idea for the deconstruction in America. This famous architect in his work combines architecture, philosophy and music. For him, the music is an organic part of the architectural structure. And for the music, he is professionally dealing with music, and his opera is Lajpcig Opera that he has orchestrated himself. Daniel Libeskind has become one of the most known persons in the modern architecture, not only for his talent, but also his apparent spirituality and art. His architecture can make a formal definition of “deconstruction”. His famous buildings are Dancing Towers South Korea, Seoul, Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Milan, Italy and the Museum of Military History-Reconstruction Germany, Dresden.

Dancing Towers South Koreafamous architects Daniel Libeskind -Dancing Towers South Koreaimage by http://mohandesinmemar.persianblog.ir/

Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Milan, Italy

Museum of Contemporary Art (MAC), Milan, Italy

image by http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CityLife_(Milan)

Museum of Military History-Reconstruction Germany, DresdenMuseum of Military History-Reconstruction Germany, Dresden
image by http://doms.com.ua/

Zaha Hadid is a famous architect from Great Britain, who is the representative of the direction of the deconstruction. In the year 2004, she became the first woman architect, whom was granted the Prizkers award. In the year 1983, Hadid became the best segment in the competition of projects in Hong Kong; she was recognized as one of the most popular architects in our time. Her famous buildings are Complex Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza South Korea, Seoul: Tower city of Dreams Hotel China, Macau: Residential Complex Citylife Hadid Residences, Milan Italy.

 Complex Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza South Korea,SeoulComplex Dongdaemun Design Park and Plaza South Korea,Seoul famous architects zaha hadidimage by http://www.designisthis.com/

Hotel China, MacauZaha-Hadid-New-Hotel-in-Macauimage by http://www.architecturebeast.com/

Residential Complex Citylife Hadid Residences, Milan ItalyResidential Complex Citylife Hadid Residences, Milan Italy famous architectsimage by http://www.zaha-hadid.com/

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