Dubai Airport

The international airport in Dubai is located in Al Garhoud, four kilometers from the center of the city. The airport in Dubai is considered for one of the biggest in the world, is on a surface of 3500 ha and is comprises three terminals. The airport serves to 60 million people a by by

Dubai Airport Terminal 1

The terminal 1 (Sheikh Rashid Terminal) includes restaurants, bars, coffee shops, room for rest, business center, medical club, 5 star hotel, rooms for praying, Dubai Duty Free. On the Terminal 1 all the international air companies lend. The Terminal 1 comprises from C and D zones, attached with the rest of the terminal 1 with 300 meters long tunnel and comprises from 50 doors.heathrow_airport_terminal_1_international_departuresimage by terminal 1image by terminal 1image by airport terminal 1image by

Dubai Airport Terminal 2

The Terminal 2 is built in 1998 year, and on it lends airplanes from the Middle East and Asia. On it, there is a Dubai Duty Free.terminal 2image by dubai-airport terminal 2image by airport terminal 2image by

Dubai Airport Terminal 3

The Terminal 3 is the biggest; it started with work in the year 2008, for the needs of the company Emirates. Part of the Terminal is located underground. It comprises, as a terminal, from two zones- A and B. the zone A is attached to the main two levels of the terminal with travolator and tunnels. On it there are several dozen coffee shops and fast food restaurants and a Dubai Duty Free.modernmagazin 1image by dubai terminal 3

airport dubai terminal 3image by

In the Dubai International Airport there are service Marhaba that provides services for waiting and sending guests, and also guide the guests through all airport. The service can be reserved for the latest 24 hours before the arrival/ or the leaving to the passengers. From any terminal of the Dubai Airport to the city you can get to the subway. To the city you can get by cab also. To the cab drivers you need to pay with their own currency- drachma.