DIY Wall Shelves


Wall shelves are very practical and are found in every home. Especially are welcomed in small apartments with no place to put many furniture and things like souvenirs and books with not place to put. To make a wall shelves does not have to be a carpenter. It is enough to have a few tools and imagination that will allow you to create more unusual and practical shelves with  materials that are available. Before you start with work you clearly know what you want to not be disappointed by the end result. Therefore, it is best to sketch wall shelves on a piece of paper.You should keep in mind that wall shelves should fit into the by by

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Wall shelves can be put in the kitchen as well as to store spices, jars wall shelves kitchenimage by

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Bathroom wall shelves commonly made ​​from moisture resistant materials (glass or plastic), they can put themselves tiles and used for storage of toiletries, towels etc..Gerber-font-b-diy-b-font-strong-suction-cup-bathroom-font-b-shelf-b-font-setimage by by by

Wall shelves In the living room you can put shelves behind the sofa or the TV and keep them by Room Makeover DIY Book  wall Shelves  Vintage Revivalsimage by

Wall shelves In the bedroom can be put behind the bed or anywhere else.DIY-Headboard-Shelf-With-Hanging-Decorimage by wall shelves bedroomimage by

Wall shelves In the kids roomstorage-shelves kids room
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