DIY Wall Shelf Ideas

Wall shelf is important element in any interior. Today almost can’t imagine interior without  wall shelf, they are an integral part of our life. Wall shelf in sale can be found in various sizes, colors and materials.  Wall shelf can do by yourself, you don’t must be a carpenter. All you need is your imagination and a tool that will create unusual and practical shelves. As material for wall shelves can use wood, metal, glass, combination of any two more materials, wooden pallets, MDF etc.Whatever material you choose is up to you, the most important thing is the wall shelf is just exactly cut and regrowth. diy wall shelf ideasimage by wall shelf ideas 1image by by

Wall shelf can be hung on the wall with brackets, joints or screws. By type of hanging can be divided into: removable, fixed and mobile. Fixed shelves: this type of shelves provides the greatest security and on them can put difficult things. Mobile shelves can be removed when you want. Wall shelves by place in interior can be divided into corners, hanging and wall. Hanging shelves mounted to the ceiling with ropes, straps, chains, and more. Corner shelves are located between two adjacent walls attached to the walls. Wall shelves are attached to the wall, usually over a piece of furniture (over a bed, sofa, table).kitchen-designs-contemporary-home-design-apartment-diy-furniture-dining-room-designs-architecture-decorating-ideas-charming-rustic-kitchen-room-design-with-exquisite-wood-large-wall-shelving-kitchenimage by by by bookshelfimage by by  corner wall shelf ideasimage by wall mount shelfimage by by tv wall shelfimage by by by by

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