DIY Vintage Garden Ideas

Vintage style is the most demcratic style of all and that is its main attraction and availability. Vintage style garden is known to the lovers of antiques and gives memories from the past. Lovers of vintage style are constantly in search for things and objects hat are accidentally savedin old houses and often found in antique shops. With adding things in vintage style to your garden, you will give it a unique, home atmosphere in retro style. There are no special rools for palnts in a garden in vintage style, so the choise of plants only depens on you and your mood. For forming a garden in vintage style, you can use metal boxes of products, that allmost every home has. You can leave the boxes the way they are, or you can just paint them. You can put them on shelves, or you can leave them on the floor. If you have some old plates, carts, or something similar, you can use it as flowerpots. In vintage style are used wooden things, so you can use old barrels, or old digs.

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Vintage garden -Landscaping-Ideas

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  1. Its so great finding old items from around the house, garage sales and even thrift shops, then making them a key piece in a garden. I just love the bike what a great idea.

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