DIY Table Lamps

Table lamps produce local illumination and helping to make the required level of illumination for reading and work on the table, soft interior lighting in the bedroom and in the living room.

Depending to the intended purpose, table lamps can be divided in two groups: lamps for reading and work, and decorative lights to create additional soft lighting.
For example, for the bedroom or cabinet for work, you can choose classical table lamps and table lamps with shade, antique or modern decor, depends from the interior and of your personal preferences.

Table lamps except their purpose of lighting can also be wonderful of the interior decor. The look of table lamps can do as you want and does not have to you buy table lamp from the store. You can do this yourself.

You can make a lamp from a glass bottle. For that you need a bottle of glass, diamond drills and cable.
Put the bottle on some fabric and start drilling, do not forget to cool the bottle every minute. Afterwards, remove the label, take the cable and thread it across the hole.
At the end, put on your lamp shade and lamp is finished. As a basis for table lamp you can use everything that is in your home such as: vases, trees, old books, CD drives, etc…modernmagazinimage by

Rustic table lamp  for nautical  rope and glass jarTableLampsimage by

DIY Table Lamp of old books.

book table lapmsimage by

Make table lamps for paper look nice
modernmagazin 2image by

Interesting and cheap table lamp of pegas.

clothespins lamp shadesimage by

Use  egg carton for table lamp look tutorial.

diy table lamps
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As a basis for the lamp, set the children’s toy,for kids room.


Make a Lamp of plastic cups,  plates, tubes.
DIYPlasticStrawLampshadeimage by

Glass ball and rope  lamp.

lamp-shades nautical ropeimage by

Royal marine Diy lamp

Royal-Marine-Lamp-Styleimage by

DIY Table lamp for eco materials


DIY  Metal Table lamp
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Industrial Pipe Lamp

pipe table lamps


Nautical table lamp with rope

DIY-Nautical- tableLamp-Make-Over

Table lamp teapot ,cups great idea
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Rustic wood table lamps

rustic wood table lampsimage by