DIY Shorts for This Summer

Every summer shorts have great popularity not only as a sports and beach attribute but as clothes for every day. Many models of denim shorts or other material today can wear in town or even at work, you just need to make a good combination. There are many ways to transform old shorts. Today we will try to help you how to decorate your shorts with their hands to make shorts look stylish and unusual. For decoration you can use color denim, beads, crystals, scrap materials and more can be found in specialized store for accessories or clothing that is located in your home. Torn denim shorts are popular for many years, and this season is no exception. Why not try to do creative hole denim shorts you’re your own hands. Lace always gives sexy looking female clothing. Pieces of lace shorts can stand anywhere from the pockets or down, depends on your imagination. Denim shorts with studs is slightly more complicated version of making. Decorating denim shorts with beads and pearls is much simpler and provides chic and femininity of shorts. Shorts can paint or put them on pieces of american flag shortsimage by denim shorts image by denim shortsimage by fabric shortsimage by shorts image by shortsimage by shorts image by by by by by

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