Diy Projects With Plastic Bottle Caps

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When you buy water or soda, it remains the plastic bottles and plastic cap. Some of us immediately throw them, some keep some at home provided to recycle. What can be done out of caps. Don’t rush to throw them; they are good for creative work and for decorating the house with the help of your children. To work with plastic corks is very simple and creative .From them you can make a clock which shall decorate the children’s room; you can make interesting toys for the children. Or you can use corks for home decor to make a flower pot for flowers to decorate the wall. bottle capimage by cap 1image by with plastic bottle caps
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Diy Projects With Plastic Bottle Capsimage by Projects With Plastic Bottle Caps 1image by Projects With Plastic Bottle Caps image by Projects With Plastic Bottle Caps 3image by


  1. Hello , if you agree , I would like to take some of your pictures for our project .
    We want to manufacture connectors for bottle cap and show what allows to do with it .
    Would appreciate your message .
    Thank you and have a good time .

    Hallo, wenn du einverstanden bist möchte ich ein paar deiner Bilder für unser Projekt nutzen.
    Wir wollen Verbinder für Flaschenverschluss herstellen und zeigen was man damit bauen kann.
    Freue mich über deine Nachricht .
    Danke und eine gute Zeit.