DIY Gel Fire Pit



Always wanted those pricey fire pits to accent your backyard with? Here’s a simple and east way to create those sexy fire pits at a fraction of the price!


1 large tupperware bowl

1 small tupperware bowl

Pam non-stick spray



quick dry cement

1 large bucket

1 small container of water

palm electrical sander

1 margin trowel

1 sponge

solid gel fuel can

60 grit sandpaper

150 grit sandpaper

lava granules


1. First things first, wear a respirator and some gloves when you are working with cement.

2. Spray a generous coating of pam non-stick spray on the inside of the large bowl and the outside of the smaller bowl

3. Grab 1 bag of quick setting cement and pour into a clean bucket along with the water.

4. Mix the cement and water with the margin trowel

5. Pour the mixture into the big bowl

6. Smash down the cement mixture with the smaller bowl, so that it rises into the area between the two bowls

7. Use the palm sander around the big bowl to vibrate out any air bubbles.

8. When relatively dry, pop out the small bowl and shape the cement figure with a sponge.

9. After 5 hours turn the big bowl over and pop out the cement form

10. Use 60 grit sandpaper, followed by 150 grit sandpaper to smooth out your cement bowl

11. Place the gel fuel can in the center of your cement bowl and surround it with the lava granules.

12. Pop open the gel can lid and light the fire!