DIY Chest of Drawers


If you do not like your old chest of drawers, that is no reason to immediately throw it away. Old one and a boring furniture can be transformed into another with the help of your imagination, your hands and a minimum set of tools: brushes, paints, pieces of paper,wallpaper, textile wall paper or other material. Do not be afraid to experiment with colors,  the drawers can be painted in different colors. Such chest of drawers you can put in your child’s room or in a room where there are colors like those of the commode. On the commode in child’s room you can set handles with animals or something that like your child. For office or other room you need to decorate commode with decoupage technique. Decoupage technique offers a really wide range. It depends on your imagination. Elegant, simple and really creative! On drawers of the commode you can paste paper and fabric or wallpaper. Use wallpaper glue.casasugar_dresserimage by of drawersimage by chest of drawers 1image by of drawers kids room
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