DIY Candles and Candle Holders

One of the best ways to create a romantic atmosphere is with candles. It looks very nice when the candle is put in a beautiful and unusal candlestick. You can buy candlestic, but is better toy make it with your hands, and it will look even more beautiful and ecxlusive. Making a candlestick is very simple. Before you start making the candlestick, you should choose what type of candles will you use. The candle should stand in the candlestick upstraight and it should have a place where the vax will drop. You can make a candlestick out of different materials, the main thing is that the material is not flamable and is resistant to heat. It is better if the material is metal, stone, clay, glass or porcelain. There are two types of candlesticks, the first is the one in which the candle stand up on the surface and in this case, the candle gives more light, and the other is when the candle is inside the candlestick, and than the light is weaker. DIY-Candles-and-Candles-Holders-image by 1image by by Candles-and-Candles-Holders- 2image by by by 1image by by candles-holderimage by by candlesimage by by