DIY Accessories

Accessories made with your hands is not only unique jewelry that emphasizes the character of each girl, but also is a trendy attribute. Accessories you can buy, but best way is to make them by your hands, accessories made with your hands are always in trend. Hand made accessories can be made from different materials such as beads, crystals, large and small, pearls, leather, fur, colored feathers, textile etc… Before you can start making any kind of hand made accessories, you should consider where you want to wear and which will accessories

DIY belt

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DIY Necklace

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If you have a gold necklace and you do not like the color can simply paint in a different accessoriesimage by

Shawl never goes out of fashion and is a great accessory for any occasion, easy to combine with any outfit.2 fashion-diy-projects
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Every fashionable girl is not indifferent when she sees a bracelet, but a bracelet that is hand made gives a special braslet accessories
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DIY Bracelet





Diy necklace accessories you can make from pearls, buttons, textile and other materials.4diy necklace accessories
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You can make a variety of accessories for the hair, but these accessories are smaller and with them you must work carefully.beaded-hair-elastics-diy
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