Decorating Coffee Table Ideas

The tray is an essential attribute of almost any interior; it is very practical and comfortable thing. But like the rest of the furniture in our home and coffee table over time loses his good looks and ceases to be in interior decoration. This does not mean you have to immediately throw away your old coffee; you can decorate it with your own hands. For you it is enough to decide how you want to decorate on your coffee table and what you have available from the material for decorating home. Select the proper technique and see the suggested ideas.


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Decorating coffee table with plain tile mosaic

Coffee table can be decorated with plain tile mosaic, which is easy to find on the market or plumbing store. If you have them home even better. Mosaic as decoration is a great mask for cracks and scratches on coffee table.Decorating coffee table with plain tile mosaicimage by

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Painted Coffee Table

Painted color coffee table. It is enough to have two contrasting colors to create a beautiful picture of your coffee table. You can show your talent and draw something on the coffee table; if you are not such a great painter, you can make a template and follow him to inflict drawing.Decorating coffee tableimage by decorating-ideas-image and instructions by

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DIY Decoupage Coffee Table

Decoupage-This is a coffee table decoration by gluing pieces of leather, fabric, paper and other materials.Decoupage coffee-table- decorating-ideas- 5image and instructions by

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