How to Create the Garden Wall of Your Dreams

Garden walls are a staple of chic modern interior design. Not only do they add a pop of color, but they also add a fresh and lush vibe to a space that’s hard to resist.

garden wall

Love this wall as much as we do? Great! Read on for instructions on how to recreate your own.

First things first…

Choose hardy plants that don’t need frequent watering or re-potting. The lower maintenance the plant is, the easier it will be to upkeep your garden wall. We recommend epiphytic plants such as rhipsalis and hoya species. You can contrast these plants with a few large-leaf plants like monstera, philodendron and elkhorn or staghorn ferns.


Buy matte plastic pots and powder-coated shelf brackets. Drill three holes on the top rims of the pots, keeping in mind a triangle’s axis points. Next, thread clear picture hanging cord through to hang the pots from the brackets.

Last but not least

Keep your plants in their original pots and place them on an upside down plastic saucer inside the hanging pot so you can prevent them sitting in the water. To water, use a squeezable watering cane that makes the job even easier!