Classic Interior Design Ideas

Classic style (the name comes from the Latin word classicus –   norm, order). Every style is beautiful in their own way, but always, classic reminds us of comfort, elegance and luxury. But it is not a luxury that catches the eye and is overblown, it is lightweight, unobtrusive and gentle, it underlines the status of the owner. In the development of the classic style that is divided into several areas: Baroque, Rococo and Classicism and Empire. classic interior design ideas 1 classic interior design ideas 2image by by

If you are a supporter of strict forms, natural materials, deep dark color, then you’ll probably like it interior that is designated in the classic style. The main color for interiors in classic style is white, it can be combined with gold tones in the plaster decoration. Besides white in classic style using shades of blue, green and pastel shades. For lighting in interior in classic style used crystal chandeliers. During the day is  best natural light for interiors in classic style. Classical furniture differs from other styles of furniture to strict lines, comfort, harmony and of course durability. The classic furniture is made of high quality materials. It can be oak, cherry, walnut or birch. Often this furniture is made of mahogany.England-neoclassical-dining-room-interior-decorationimage by Classic Interior Designimage by by by by

The decorative elements are made of bronze. It is worth noting that classical furniture is large, but at the same time very elegant. For forming floor in interiors designed in classic style used parquet, wood or marble. The walls in classic style can be created with wallpaper, plaster or just painted. On wallpaper can be a color pattern, stripes, monogram. Ceiling is complex, he rarely stays smooth, has bumps.White-classic-living-room-furnitureimage by by kitchen Classic-Kitchen-Design image by by by by

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