CD Storage Ideas

CD and DVD optical storage media. Enrollment on them is done by laser. Nowadays there is  almost no family which at home do have a few discs. But the question arises, where to keep so many drives, how to provide CDs Storage. CD and DVD discs require to be kept in a box to avoid damage and should not be kept in rooms with high humidity. Each collector problem with CD Storage strives to solve their own way. For someone CDs Storage is just a place to put the disks while for the other CDs have Storage and it use for interior decorations.

Set wooden shelves on the wall in the living room, it is always easy to find CD on them

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If in your home have old wooden blinds, can be used to set on the wall to storage CDs.

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Depending on how many drives you have to make shelves. The shelves for CD and DVD drives can be set to any wall in the room. Shelves can be fixed and. The form of the shelves may be different. Except the shelves CD and DVD discs can store them in boxes that can stand on a table or on the floor. These boxes can be of aluminum or wood. Storage shelves CDs is the best known and simplest way to store CDs and DVDs. Basic material for shelves is wood, plastic, glass, metal.

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Shelves in various colors will not only help you easily find CD discs, but will decorate and interiors
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You can make CD storage in living room, above the sofa, on that way CDs will always be at hand

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If you have a frame at home, you can use it for CD storage.

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Metallic CD storage

modernmagazin wall storage

If you have many CDs, make shelves and put CDs on them.
modernmagazin  cd wall storage
modernmagazin  wall storage

CD storage on the wall.
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CD storage with unusual form.


You can set the CD storage on the door.
stylish cd dvd rack holder

Metal shelf fits wonderfully in a modern interior.
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