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Chicken Parmesan Recipe

Ingredients: 2 chicken fillets without skin 1 cup flour 1 cup breadcrumbs 1 cup of Parmesan cheese (finely grate) 1 cup mozzarella (rub on a large grater) 1 egg 3/4 tablespoon cayenne pepper 1.5 tablespoons dried basil 1.5 tablespoons dried oregano Tomato sauce How to prepare Chicken Parmesan  Chicken fillet knock...


Modern House Ideas

The modern architecture leaves a great impression and in most cases attempts to combine the beauty of nature with the existing man-made materials.Modern architecture has simple form. Modern style combines elegance and functionality.image by by by by by by by by by by by by

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Office Polyvore Combinations

Women who working in office every day before to go at work thinking what to wear, especially those who work in companies that insist on a strict dress code. The approach to the choice of business attire should be serious. There should not think about your style and discomfort. Office...


DIY Earrings Ideas

Earrings are a fashion accessory without which can’t imagine every fashionable woman. You can buy all kinds of earrings, but you can’t always find earrings that you like. Sometimes you go to several stores to find your favorite earrings. To not bother going in shops and looking for your loved...