Canopy Bed Design Ideas

Canopy Bed Design Ideas

Choosing a bed is very important and serious decision, because adequate rest is the key to health and a good mood for the whole day. Main bedroom decoration for today and many years is Canopy Bed. Canopy Bed in the bedroom always looks elegant and romantic and for many centuries is not out of fashion. When choosing a bed canopies is important to properly combine with style in your interior. There is a wide range of different canopies as in design and structure and in enforcement. There are several types Canopies depending on type of fabric and editing, each has advantages and disadvantages.contemporary-diy-canopy-bed-ideas-at-remodelling-designimage by by

1. Fixing the canopy on to the cornice. Cornice is attached on ceiling and on cornice sets canopy. Attaching can be from all four sides or from one by Canopy Bed Design Ideas 4image by

2. Wall canopy, strengthens the wall of the rear bed. Commonly used in small bedrooms where the standard canopy over the bed will look hulking and massive because of size of small room.Elegant-and-rustic-bed-with-a-circle-canopyimage by Bed Design Ideas 3image by

3. Canopy – construction on poles, this variant is considered a classic, it creates a separate place to sleep, usually used in large bedroom.4. Cantilever suspension design in the form of round or rectangular and attached on wall or ceiling and hold the curtain.Romantic-Bedrooms-interior-bedroom-furniture-romantic-honeymoon-bedroom-design-ideas-with-canopy-bed-white-mosquito-netting-combine-cream-pattern-floral-sheet-romantic-room-ideasimage by Bed Design Ideasimage by http://blog.xfree.huCanopy Bed Design Ideas 1image by by

4.Fixing the canopy on the bracket – this is the easiest way of fixing the canopy. On wall above the center of bed are mounted decorative handles and one handle at the end of the bed. There are many options, as to put a canopy over the bed, can be with different curved shapes.princess_diy_four_poster_bed_image by by Bed Design Ideas 2image by