Button Decorations Ideas

The button is the ancient invention of mankind. The first finds of buttons has been found in India and dating back to 2800 – 2600 BC. Initially buttons are worn as decked. In ancient Egypt, people have started to use the buttons on clothing. Almost every housewife has buttons that she kept for each case. They are good when you lose a button on clothing.Baby-button-heartsimage by http://www.theblueberrypatch.co.uk/Bottoni-lavorettiimage by http://indulgy.com/

The buttons are made ​​of different materials – plastic, wood, metal, textile, etc… Different types, colors and shapes of buttons allow to be used for each purpose. Bright decor of buttons looks great even in monotonous interiors giving positivity and immediacy. Technology to decorate with buttons is very simple, the buttons can be stick or sew. The buttons can decorate photo frame and mirror frame, and for better effect in the same style can make a few items in the interior. With small and large button you can make real masterpieces. The most common images that are made with buttons are pictures of trees, hearts, etc… What exactly do you decorate depends only on your imagination. I hope that this little photo collection decorated with buttons will inspire you.button crafts for kidsimage by https://www.etsy.com/

button decor

button picture frameimage by http://blog.fabfurnish.com/button-clipsimage by http://freshideen.com/ Button-Heart-Cushionimage by http://mama.md/button-tree-wall-artimage by http://www.interiordesign-world.com/christmas-decorations-ideas-for-kidsimage by http://www.unique-home-decorating.com/Decorating  with buttonsimage by http://danny7402.snimka.bg/diy buttonimage by https://www.rogoblen.ro/diy-button-canimage by http://www.skinnymom.com/modernmagazin craft ideasimage by http://interior-ganamana.blogspot.ru/wonderful-button-craftsimage by http://romisharp.wordpress.com/DIY-Button-Flowersimage by http://www.wisgoon.com/diy-button-artworkimage by http://soni-art22.blogspot.ru/

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