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Boutonniere is a small decoration that is made out of natural or artificial flowers. Boutonniere serves as a decoration in a men’s pocket, hair or a dress. Boutonniere can be bought in a professional flower shop or if you have time and desire you can make Boutonniere with your own hands. Traditionally, Boutonnieres are made out of one or more flowers. Interesting is the fact that the roots of the custom for decorating clothes with flowers comes from antique Greece, where the people believed that in this way the groom is protected from the evil forces. The technology of producing this floral decoration is very simple but requires carefulness, skill and patience. Made by your hands, the Boutonniere will definitely be exclusive and unique. As Boutonniere foundation you can put a big flower (like roses) or plants with long branches (rosemary, lavender, sage). Before you start making a Boutonniere, put the plants in water for four hours, so the Boutonniere will stay fresh longer.boutonniere ideasimage by ideas image by by image by to make a boutonniereimage by how-to-make-a-boutonniereimage by to make a boutonniere image by by 2image by by by Boutonniere Step by stepimage by Boutonniere Step by step image by Boutonniereimage by Boutonniere image by Boutonniere 2image by