The Best DIY Shoe Organizers Are Here

Shoe Hangers

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I think it’s safe to saw we all have some of those wire hangers leftover from the dry cleaners. So why not repurpose them into shoe organizers! Hangers with clips—typically used for pants and skirts—also work as a way to store boots. Just clip them onto the shoe for closet organization.

DIY Shoe Ladder

Shoe Organizers 2
A Pair & A Spare

Essentially, you’re most coveted pairs of shoes are actually works of art, so why not treat them that way? They deserve a proper display shelf. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you create this elegant and sophisticated ladder shelf.

Wooden Crate Shoe Shelf

Shoe Organizers 3

The easiest piece of furniture you will ever build, all you have to do is get some wooden crates from Home Depot and spray paint them a color of your choice. Stack them the way you like and voila! You’ve got instant shoe storage that’s cute and functional.

Floating Shoe Rack

Shoe Organizers 4
Not Martha

Some of you may be tight on space and thinking, where will I even put a DIY shoe organizer? No fear. This is the solution for you. Create a sturdy rack, with not as much space in between as traditionally used. This one is perfect for up to six pairs of shoes.

Quick Trick

Shoe Organizers 5

For this storage solution, all you need is a curtain rod and Command hooks. Simply mount the rod onto a wall, and organize your favorite heels without taking up an inch of floor space. Genius!

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