Architecture (Latin Architectura, Greek Architeckton -. Architeckton, builder), architecture- building, designing buildings for life and for human activities. Architectural works are often perceived as cultural and political symbols, such as artwork. Historical civilization characterized by their architectural achievements. The architecture allows to perform the vital functions of society, at the same time directs life processes. But architecture is created in accordance with the capabilities and needs of people. The architecture is divided into two major parts: a church or religious (churches, monasteries), and worldwide (houses and palaces, public and industrial buildings, landscape architecture and urban planning – the art of planning and building cities). For millenniums, the most important temples were built but over time began the global architecture and it began to develop and dominate. Construction projects are determining primarily tastes of people and the zeitgeist.

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With the development of new techniques are developed modern building materials that make incredible architectural buildings. Architectural styles are characterized by a certain time and place, manifested in the characteristics of its functional, constructive and artistic sides (methods of scale construction plans of buildings, building materials and construction, form and decoration of facades, interior decoration, included in the total concept of style as artistic vision, covering all aspects of the art and culture of the society in terms of its specific social and economic development, the main set of ideological and artisticfeatures of the master.





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