Adding a Vintage Flair to Your Bedroom Walls


Dressing up your bedroom walls with vintage décor adds a little something special that makes your space truly unique. You can tell the entire story of an era simply by choosing the right pieces that encapsulate and embody that era’s ambiance and atmosphere. For those of you who love adding a little history and unique touches to your bedrooms, we’ve put together a go-to guide of all things vintage décor.


Vintage 1
Hannah’s Treasures

The 1930s was the Great Depression era where farmhouse elements ruled predominant in the design space. Some things you can use to add the 1930s vibe to your bedroom are painted, white decorative plates, simple floral wallpaper or painting your walls in the favored muted hues of the era: dove-gray or grayed lilac. A white, glass oil lamp on an embroidered, skirted table also adds a vintage touch.


Vintage 2
House Beautiful
1940s is all about that post-war optimism. Celebrate the era’s characteristics with ‘40s jewel-tone palette of deep reds, blues and greens to liven up your walls. Another way to add the 40s vibe is buying a Colonial-style poster bed with a ruffled canopy top and making sure your bedroom floor is carpeted instead of wood flooring.


Vintage 3

Our favorite thing about the ‘50s is the modern mod trend of adding bold colors, abstract artwork and simple Danish modern furniture in bedrooms. The bedroom walls were usually decked out with ‘50s aqua, a matching carpet and a button-tufted curving headboard. Another fun element of this era was the pastel color palette or pale pink and other ice-cream colors.


Vintage 4
The ‘60s was all about modern style with a bedroom palette that included warm neutrals and an array of bright colored solids and bold, geometric patterns. Yellow-green bedroom walls were totally normal along with a patterned bedspread and yellow, orange and hot pink! Tall lamps with wide shades and stacked ball bases were also very popular.