6 Professionals on 6 Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Before you dive into planning for your dream kitchen, listen to these wise words from architects, interior designers and builders that can avoid potential disasters in the future.


1. Builder Christopher Spring from Habitat Construction & Developments says he would never install a sink in his kitchen island. Unless you want your dirty dishes to be surrounded with random junk like bills, keys, and week old junk-mail! You don’t want to add to your inevitable mess.

2. Architect Tom Ferguson of TFAD says he would never build a cooktop with full-height cabinetry on either side. Having full-height cabinetry next to your cooktop will leave no bench space for heavy and scorching pots and pans, which will make it difficult and not to mention unsafe to use.


3. Interior Designer Sonia Simpfendorfer of Nexus Designs says she would never choose a stone as a benchtop without testing it first! What’s going to happen when you inevitably spill red wine, oil and lemon juice on your countertop? Make sure to take a sample home before ordering a whole set of stones and punish it with different spills to see how it holds up to the test before committing.

4. Architect Dominic Alvaro of Woods Bagot says he would never reveal his fridge and let it stand alone. Unless you plan on getting an amazing industrial scale Sub Zero. A fridge that is integrated into the rest of the kitchen is much more pleasing to the eye and makes sense from a design and functionality point of view.

5. Architect Juliet Moor of Edwards Moore says she would never base her kitchen on an image alone. The kitchen is a functional space that should reflect its owner. As we are all different, you should base your kitchen on how you specifically plan to use it. That way it will be the most ultimate use of functionality tailored to you.

6. David Jonas of Jonas Construction says he would never choose corner units. Corner units are difficult to install, and an overall waste of space. They can also become quite expensive with retractable baskets and additional accessories.

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