15 DIY Christmas Wreaths

Johann Hinrich Wichern is considered to be the creator of the Christmas Wreath. He lived in Hamburg and he loved children very much. Johann had enough material resources to help to the poor. He often leed poor children at home, helping and taught them.
Young children love Christmas and repeatedly asked the teacher when it will be Christmas, Johann decided to give a gift. He took an ordinary wooden ring and put on it sixteen candles. Twelve of them were small and in red color. The remaining four were white and large. In the morning, he and the children burned small candles.On Sunday, the big candle. On that way he and the children is followed the time. As you can see, the Christmas wreath is not just a decoration, but also a useful device.

DIY  Christmas Wreaths

For people who want to create a festive atmosphere in home this winter, this issue becomes especially important.Your home will be wonderful if decorate it with original Christmas wreaths. You can make Christmas wreath of tree branches. On start you will need wire ( instead wire you can use dry twigs to make a circle) and branches of the tree. From wire make 4 rings and between each ring put tree branches until fill nicely. You can decorate the wreath with ribbons, beads, pine cones.Christmas-wreath-made-of-sweets diy christmas paper wreathsimage by http://diyncraftz.tumblr.com/

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