15 Best Way to Store a Bike in a Small Apartment

Many of us can not afford to have a big house or apartment, the bigger problem appears if in small flat or has no storage or is very small and can not fit all of our items. But, if properly planned space in a small apartment can put what we want. Many of us who live in a small apartment have a bike and wonder where to leave after its use. Some put in the hallway while others choose not to buy bike for the reason that there is no place to keep it. However ,this problem should look on the other side. The bicycle can be a decorative element in your home, you can place it on the wall or on ceiling.bicke storage ideasimage by http://fortheloveofbikes.blogspot.ru/need-place-store-your-bike-try-one-these-cheap-and-simple-diy-bicycle-racks.image by http://domo.plius.lt/shelfie-bike-rack__image by http://mieszkanioweinspiracje.pl/stylish-bike-storage-ideas-for-your-home-or-garage-1image by http://www.decosee.com/bike-living-room-storage-designimage by http://umbrinco.com/bike-storage-solutions-rackimage by http://thegadgetflow.com/minimalist-bike-bedroom-storageimage by http://granninredning.se/Elegant-Modern-Home-Office-Design-Interior-Used-Wall-Bike-Storage-Ideas-in-Minimalist-Space-for-Home-Inspiration-to-Your-Houseimage by http://home-office-ideas.net/best way to store a bike in a small apartmentimage by https://www.dnevnik.si/best way to store a bike in a small apartment 1image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/253046072787560376/best way to store a bike in a small apartment 3image by https://www.pinterest.com/pin/95771929552564765/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas-image by http://www.radionetplus.ru/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas- 1image by http://kreativeideer.com/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas- 2image by https://jossefru.wordpress.com/bike-storage-racks-interior-design-ideas- 3image by http://www.chegarova.ru/