10 Things Not to Do in Japan

If you are planning to visit Japan, there are some facts about Japan you need to know. Getting to know some basic Japanese cultural practices will help in making your trip a great one. Below are few things you should not do when you visit Japan.

Don’t Enter Into a House With Your Shoes

If you are the type that is used to walking around in your house in your shoes? You may get yourself in trouble in Japan. In this country, there is a special place where you can keep your shoes before entering any house. There are also slippers for visitors when entering a room.

Don’t Make Noise On The Train

Japan is a country that is full of trains, most people in this country prefer to use the train instead of public buses. Nevertheless, people are not allowed to make noise when they are seated in this means of transportation. If you need to speak to a friend or relative, you need to do it in a very low tone. You are not also allowed to use your phone on the train.

Always Take-off Toilet Slippers

Once you arrive at any house in Japan, you will be given slippers that can only be used when going to the toilet. These slippers can easily be identified since they have special words or pictures on them. Make sure you take them off when entering a home or walking on the streets.

Japanese Do Not Accept Tips

While it is normal to tip anyone after an exceptional service in many cultures, it is not allowed in Japan. Regardless of how satisfied you are with their service, they will never accept any tip from you. In most cases, you’ll look behind you to see someone running after you just to return the tip!

Pay Attention When Speaking With Anyone

If you are in a conversation with a Japanese person, always remain calm and pay absolute attention. If you fail to show that you understand their point during a discussion, it is a sign that you are rude. Always talk back to show your attentiveness.

You can’t Take Photos Everywhere

You are not allowed to take photos everywhere despite the fact that Japan is a beautiful country. Make sure you ask someone before taking photos. There must be a sort of permission given to you before you take pictures in temples, shrines and museums.

Don’t Hug Anyone You Meet

Most Western countries are fond of hugging each other in public. However, hugging is different in Japan. Most older people don’t welcome the hug idea. So, if you want to hug anyone, it’s best to know their age group and if they are fine with it.

Don’t Receive a Gift With One Hand

Whenever a Japanese gives you a gift, use your two hands and bow. You should also tell them “thank you.” When you receive the present, do not open it until you get home or the person who gave it to you has left.

Don’t Use Red Ink To Write Down Names

In Japan, you are not allowed to write a person’s name in Red ink. This act is considered as disobedience. So, avoid using red ink when you need to write down your Japanese friend’s name.

Don’t Be Shy

If you are a tourist, learn to ask for help from locals. Don’t be shy or afraid of asking for anything. The Japanese are very helpful and friendly.